E p h r a t a   A r e a   S c h o o l   D i s t r i c t 

2014 Ephrata Area Board of School Directors

2014-2015 School Board Meeting Calendar

Position Name Email Address Term


Mr. Timothy W. Stayer
timothy_stayer@easdpa.org 2017
Vice President
Mrs. Jenny L. Miller
jenny_miller@easdpa.org 2017
Dr. Brian Troop
b_troop@easdpa.org Non-voting member
Mrs. Stephanie Gingrich
s_gingrich@easdpa.org Non-voting member
Mrs. Kristee Reichard
k_reichard@easdpa.org Non-voting member
2014-2015 Student Representative
Miss Taylor Mahlandt
  Non-voting member
Mrs. Judy S. Beiler
judy_beiler@easdpa.org 2015
Mr. Ted Kachel
ted_kachel@easdpa.org 2015
Mrs. Kay A. Kurtz
kay_kurtz@easdpa.org 2015
Mr. Glenn R. Martin
glenn_martin@easdpa.org 2017


Mr. Robert E. Miller

robert_miller@easdpa.org 2017
Mr. Tim Stauffer
tim_stauffer@easdpa.org 2015
Mr. Chris Weber
chris_weber@easdpa.org 2015
Standing Committees
Committee Chair Members
Budget / FinanceMr. Tim Stayer Mrs. Kurtz and Mr. Stauffer
Building / Property / Public Affairs / Planning Mrs. Jenny Miller  Mr. Miller and Mr. Weber
Curriculum / Policy Mr. Glenn Martin Mrs. Beiler and Mr. Kachel
Personnel Mrs. Judy Beiler Mr. Kachel and Mr. Martin
Board / Superintendent Evaluation Mrs. Judy Beiler Mrs. Miller and Mr. Stayer

2012 Ephrata Area Board of School Directors

Seated: Glenn Martin, President Tim Stayer, and Judy Beiler
Standing: Bob Miller, Chris Weber, Vice President Jenny Miller, Kay Kurtz, Ted Kachel, and Tim Stauffer

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