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Links for Educators


Common Gifted Emotional Issues

Movies about Gifted kids

Gifted underachievement

Meta Cognitive Strategies

Early language, literacy observation and assessment tools

Preventing Reading Failure for ELL

Over-coming Fears in Children

Powerpoint Presentations

Useful webpages for lesson plans, resource information
and much more.

Classroom resources - Templates for making quizzes, games, videos, etc.

Disabilities - websites containing further information on specific disabilities (e.g. learning disabilities, ADHD, etc).

English Language Learners and Multicultural - websites regarding ELL regulations, assessment, interventions, etc.

Emotional/Social/Behavioral information - Websites containing information on mental health issues, behavioral interventions, etc.

Gifted information - websites containing information regarding everything from resources for home to GIEPs.

Interventions - interventions for behavior, math, etc.

Lesson Plan/Lesson Ideas - websites containing sample lessons plans by subjects, grade level, etc.

Professional Development - websites for teachers on various topics (e.g. learning how to use a digital camera, math activities, etc).

Tolerance - websites containing information for teaching tolerance for each other, to the environment, etc.