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Find out what is happening with endangered species in PA.
Pennsylvania's Environmental Heritage Learn about the people who played an important role in the environmental development of the Commonwealth.
"Eureka!  A New Biome! Discover a new biome on this webquest.  Use the next 3 links for supporting information.
Biomes of the World Learn about biomes and ecosystems from the Missouri Botanical Gardens.
Biomes/Habitats Visit this website from EnchantedLearning.com to learn about the complex communities known as biomes.
The Energy Story There are many sources of energy. In this web site from the California Energy Commission we will look at the energy that makes our world work.
Energy For Kids
Everything you ever wanted to know about energy, but were afraid to ask, from the Department of Energy.
EduGreen This web site from the Energy and Resources Institute in India explores environmental topics from energy and pollution to solid waste.